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  1. Who owns Infinity Fine Art?

      James Odom. More...Click here


  2. Does Infinity Fine Art sell art to the public?

      No, we are a wholesale publishing company furnishing fine art reproductions of original art to Retail Fine Art Galleries.  Please note that some of the principals of Infinity Fine Art, LLC also have an ownership interest in some of the Retail Fine Art Galleries where our product is sold. For a list of Retail Fine Art Galleries where you can purchase our product, click here.


  3. What process do you use to produce the fine art reproductions?

      Most of the reproductions we sell are Giclée prints on canvas. For more about the type canvas and more about the quality of the prints, see "Printing Process" on our Home page.


  1. Do you offer any guarantees for product purchased for my Retail Fine Art Gallery?

      Yes, we will even pay for the return shipping if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. For all the details, see "Policies" under "About Us" on the Home page.


  2. Will Infinity Fine Art be looking for other art to reproduce?

      Yes, but we are only publishing a VERY limited number of artists. We feel that it is better to work with only a limited number of artists so that we can give personal attention to each artist we publish.  If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


  3. Does Infinity Fine Art offer any special terms for the galleries they sell to?

      No, we offer prepaid orders only with credit card or check as well as C.O.D. Shipping.


  4. Does Infinity Fine Art offer protected territories for Retail Dealers?

      Yes, when you set up an account, your account specialist will discuss territories and minimum purchases to maintain a protected territory.  Please see our Policies for more details on the relationship between dealers and Infinity Fine Art 

      For Policies Click Here


  5. Explain the P/P Edition.

      The P/P edition is a special edition with a charity component. This edition is limited to one per Dealer for each release that has a P/P in the release.  In some cases, some images may be released in only A/P and S/N editions. The Dealer purchases the P/P at a very good price point (ask your Account Specialist about the price). One half of the wholesale price is donated to the Publisher's Charity of choice. This edition sells for more than the retail price of a Standard Numbered Edition. The dealer can use the purchase of the P/P edition to get a representative sample of the artist's work in the Gallery for a very minimal investment.  The exclusivity of the Publishers Proof Edition is enhanced by the fact that it is done in only one size and limited to one per dealer per release.  We regret that the P/P Edition is not available in ALL releases.


  6. Does Infinity Fine Art offer any special promotions during pre-pub?

      Yes, Ask your Account Specialist about promotions that we offer from time to time.

  7. If you have other questions, or if you would like to become a retailer of our products, please feel free to contact us