Mark Keathley

Infinity Fine Art started publishing the art of Mark Keathley in September of 2007.  His first release, Evening Prayers has been one of our best selling images ever.  October's release to be, Mountain Music, is expected to also met with collector approval.  We invite collectors to watch with us as Mountain Music takes shape.  Enjoy the image and also read some of the artist's notes as it progresses.

Mark will be sending images of the painting as it goes through various stages of completion.  Watch with us as Mark creates another masterpiece:



I'm starting the Smoky Mountain painting. Just for fun, I'll send it to you in stages. Here it is after roughing in the design and establishing some of the color palette.  I stained (toned) the canvas really warm and will try to do something that  overall feels that warm. I'm very excited about this piece.  -- Mark


I think the idea that I am getting from my family here, (in Texas they are my best art critics) about the cabin is ---I'm known more for my landscapes.. landscapes that speak more about going somewhere that no one has been, exploring the wild .....rather than the "mark" that man makes   on a place.  Without the cabin the painting is much more elegant with a universal appeal .....  with the cabin it seems to be more "country" , yes, maybe homey... but I've always tried to be more of a museum type artist than a country home artist.  that is our thought, anyway.   I had the cabin in... then painted it out.   I appreciate your (the publisher's) desire to put it in, I know it is a "landmark" type thing that might make another "selling point" for prints.  But I want to make this a notch above that "print" look and do something a little more classic -- unexpected maybe  -- Mark


I'm really loving this picture.... notice I took out the round - red tree in the middle.... too attention getting and distracting.... added more mood in the hills, some shadows on the hills,  ....  I think in the next stage (after the one below) I will put a hint of the roof line of Bud Ogle's cabin hidden back in the trees -- Mark


I'm in the slower stages of developing the painting.  Today I am working in the center of the picture to develop the center of interest and trying to make the lighting more interesting.  You can see the beams of light as it filters down thru the leaves and onto the grass behind the bears.   I have taken a close up of the center of the painting for you to see better.  This is so much fun! -- Mark


I've added a hint of the cabin with just the roof showing through the foliage.  I will look at it and see if this is the mood I want to set.


I'm close to finishing this piece.   It is one of those paintings that I will set aside in the studio and look at for a few days.  I may simplify an area, soften another, redefine yet another, all in an attempt to bring it to the highest level of viewing pleasure that might be possible.   It has a lot going on in it, so I really want to direct the eye to areas of importance without causing distraction in areas that are not as important.  For example, after painting many leaves in the foreground right side of the painting, I blended most of them out to soften it all, and then came back with just a few critical leaves to make it less busy.   It has a softer "out of focus" feel to the fringes of the painting, thereby keeping your focus on the subject. -- Mark


I have finally finished it.  I only hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it!   I have decided to title it Mountain Music.  Click the image above for more information about sizes, prices, and edition sizes.

"Have you ever just listened to the rain when you were relaxing and noticed how soothed you felt?   Or, have you ever been on a stream when the sun is just coming up and only you and the Lord have that special time together?  That is a time when your heart is opened to the silent sounds of God's voice speaking to you.  The music of the mountains are like that.  You have to be quiet and listen to the rustle of the leaves, the chirping of the birds, and the rushing mountain stream.  These are the sounds that echo to your heart.  I hope someday that you will have the opportunity to "hear" the solitude and God's quietness in the Mountain Music."

-- Mark Keathley